If you can't find it -- CREATE IT!

That is exactly how the concept for Embellish-a-Bash came about -- if you can't find it, create it!

When I was planning my husband's 60th birthday party I had a Candy Buffet pictured in my mind that I just could not find the signs anywhere on the internet to make it a reality. My thoughts where all centered around making fun of getting old. The body starts creaking and changing no matter how healthy and active you are. Unfortunately there is not a thing we can do about it so might as well laugh about it! My mind was set on making this candy buffet so I grabbed my digital scrapbooking program and started creating!

The entire time I was doing this I was thinking "I cannot be the only person out there looking for these types of decorations." So with a bit of research and a "Why not give it a try" attitude Embellish-a-Bash was born!

I'm loving adding a bit of whimsy to your festivities! It's great to be able to share my love of digital design with all of you!

Remember, if you can't find it CREATE IT! And if you can't create it, contact me I will create if for you!

Enjoy life! You've only got one so celebrate it!

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